Frequently Asked Questions

           Reef icp

How long will it take to get the results?

The analysis in our lab will be done on the same day the samples arrive and you then receive the results by email. The samples are sent directly to our logistic centre in Ft Myers, Florida. From there it will be send via overnight express to our ICP lab. Our lab is located right next to our coralfarm in Germany. There we are analysing ICP samples from all over the world. For example, Japan, China, UK, France, Spain and much more. You should receive your results within 5-7 working days.

How should the samples be sent?

Please make sure to add a tracking option to your shipment. From the moment it will arrive in our logistic centre we are taking over the control and we can tell you exactly where your samples are and how long it will take.

What kind of ICP are you doing?

We are running one of the most modern ICP which is totally specialized on the analysis of marine water. The lab is not located in a remote basement. It is located next to our coralfarm. The farm is used for permanent calibration and crosscheck. The ICP is very sensible and small things can have a big impact. Therefor a permanent control and calibration is very important. In addition, all tests are made by long time experienced scientists who are very knowledgeable about water parameters and the influence of traces.

How much is the shipping of the samples back to you?

To ship back the samples to us for the ICP analysis you can use several shipping methods (USPS Priority Mail Service, UPS,…). We strongly recommend to use a tracking option. This way you can always check when your sample arrives at our warehouse. If you want to use stamps only please make sure that you put at least $2.40 in stamps on the envelope. If you use less the sample will not arrive at our warehouse and we are not able to replace it.
If you are not sure please contact us before you ship it. The price for First-Class Package Service with USPS incl. tracking is between $4-5 depending on where are you located.

Are we using reagents tests?

No. All tests are performed by special test machines to avoid any sort of misreading.

What is important when I will fill the samples?

Make sure that you first slightly wash the samples with the aquarium water and then you close the complete filled sample under water with no air inside.

Will I receive dosing recommendations of traces and macro elements?

Yes you will receive a full instruction of what to does based on the results. You find a sample analysis here.