ELEMENTALS – CA+SR 1000ml concentrated calcium and strontium

ELEMENTALS Ca+Sr is a highly concentrated calcium/strontium solution used for compensating calcium and strontium deficiencies in reef aquariums. *former Easy CA+Sr*

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Calcium, along with carbonate, is the essential building block for the growth and development of coral skeletons and invertebrates.

We recommend maintaining Ca between 380 – 420 mg/L (at 35 salinity) and testing regularly with a laboratory water analysis.

Dosage of Elementals Ca + Sr:
50ml per 100L (26 US gal) = 95 mg Calcium
50ml per 100L (26 US gal) = 1.8mg Strontium

Optimal calcium value: 380 – 420 mg/L
Optimal strontium value: 8 mg/L

Maximum daily dose: Do not increase Ca by more than 25ml/100L per day.

You can easily calculate the exact consumption of your aquarium by using the Aquacalculator: www.aquacalculator.com

Always keep product closed after use. Store dark at room temperature.


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